How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

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If your roof is starting to deteriorate after years of wear and tear, or a bad storm has caused damage that you need repaired right away, you might be in a bit of a hurry to find a roofing contractor as quickly as you can. However, taking your time to find the right contractor will be well worth it, and can be the difference between having a roof that protects your home well into the future and one that will need even more repairs in a few short years. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the process of finding a roofing contractor in North Carolina:

  • Stay local: Since they’re more reliant on positive referrals and word of mouth within the community, local companies tend to pay very close attention to delivering excellent customer service. As a result, these businesses are much more likely to offer you honest, dependable service that you can rely on. Local contractors will also have in-depth knowledge of all of the building codes and regulations in your area, and will be able to make sure your roofing structure is in compliance with these standards.
  • BBB ratings: Because there will always be roofing scammers on the prowl looking to make a quick buck, it will be to your advantage to take the time to do your due diligence when considering a potential contractor. Always check to make sure a contractor has a verifiable history and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and ask for references of previous work they’ve done on homes similar to yours.
  • Manufacturer designations: Manufacturers take their brand seriously, and will only designate or certify contractors that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and have demonstrated the highest level of craftsmanship. So that their standards are met, manufacturers have a certain minimum level of requirements that must be passed, and selecting one of their designated contractors will ensure that you will receive the highest quality of roofing services for your home.
  • Value safety: Roofing repairs can be very dangerous, and should only be handled by skilled and well-trained professionals. Any contractor you select should show their commitment to safety by having ample insurance coverage, keeping you as a homeowner protected in the event that an accident occurs while the work is being completed.
  • Stay protected: Contractors should never pressure you to make payment or begin work before a detailed estimate of all aspects of the project has been provided, and the contract is signed. You should also make sure to deal directly with the insurance company to handle your claim, as contractors that say they can take care of the repairs without the deductible being paid could be committing insurance fraud.

When the time comes for finding a roofing contractor in North Carolina that is fully licensed and insured, and dedicated to getting the job done the right way, contact the team at Carolina Improvements. For more than a decade, we have made it our mission to pair superior customer service with the highest level of workmanship to ensure all of your various roofing needs are met with complete satisfaction. To learn more about how we can transform your home with a new or repaired roof, give us a call today.

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