Why Permaboots Are the Best Vent Boots for Your Roof

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One of the most terrifying moments for any homeowner is the moment they realize that their roof is leaking. When you live in beautiful Greensboro, NC, a city that gets more than 45 inches of rain each year, a leaky roof is a constant threat. Even if you’re taking great care of your roof—cleaning it regularly, clearing it of moss and the like—you could be overlooking one of the most common places that leaks begin: your roof vents.

Every home in the United States (or at least a vast majority of them) are equipped with roof vents. Also known as vent stacks or plumbing vents, these crucial components of your home are responsible for regulating the flow of air into and out of your home. Your vent stacks are the reason that fresh air finds its way into your plumbing system, and (perhaps more importantly) the roof vents are how odors can escape your pipes and leave your home.

Since they’re open to the air, your home’s vent stacks are also susceptible to leakage even before the rest of your roof begins to degrade. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Worried about preventing or stopping your leaky roof vents? Take a few minutes to explore the benefits of Perma-Boots in North Carolina.

What is a Perma-Boot?
Most roof vents are equipped with a device at the base designed to prevent leaks. Known as the boot, this small cylinder slides down over your roof vent and is affixed to your roof. Even when done correctly, however, consistent sunshine and high temperatures cause a traditional vent boot to degrade over time. When that happens, the water from rainfall has an easier time working its way underneath the boot and into your roof.

That’s where the Perma-Boot comes in. The Perma-Boot is a simple device that slides over your existing vent pipe and vent boot to add an extra layer of protection against leaks.

Perma-Boot installation
One of the primary benefits of Perma-Boots in North Carolina is the ease with which they can be installed. In the hands of a skilled professional, a Perma-Boot can be affixed to your roof in about five minutes, without the need of any tools (aside from some weatherproof caulk).

Even better, the Perma-Boot comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can improve your home’s leak protection without compromising your curb appeal.

For the Perma-Boot and beyond
Intrigued by the benefits of Perma-Boots in North Carolina? Then come to Carolina Improvements, where our highly-skilled team of technicians is ready and waiting to help you solve your vent stack issues.

For over a decade, Carolina Improvements has worked tirelessly to expand our skill set and stay on the cutting edge of the home improvement industry. In addition to our work with the Perma-Boot, we also offer a variety of services, including carpet installation, deck and patio construction, fence building, roof maintenance and replacement and so much more.

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