Benefits of Using a Licensed General Contractor for Roof Repair in North Carolina

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When you need work done on your home, the odds are good that completing the project on a budget is your top priority. While it’s wise to look for as many ways to cut costs as possible, it’s also important to avoid extreme cost-cutting measures that have the potential to make your project unsuccessful. It’s common for homeowners to hire unlicensed contractors for roof repairs, but this effort to minimize expenses often results in big issues down the road. Below are several reasons why it’s important to hire a licensed general contractor for roof repair in North Carolina:

  • Better workmanship: Licensed general contractors are required to adhere to strict standards. These contractors offer quality workmanship and reliable service that you can count on for your roof project. Unlicensed contractors are often self-taught and lack much of the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure a successful roofing project.
  • Industry knowledge: In addition to the education and training that licensed general contractors are required to possess, contractors also have extensive industry knowledge and are the first ones to know about new tools, quality roofing materials and best practices for roofing. This industry knowledge results in a better finished product that holds up more effectively in the long run.
  • Clear payment standards: There are rules governing the payment that roofing contractors are allowed to ask for. Depending on the jurisdiction you live in, roofing contractors are typically only allowed to ask for a portion of the total cost of your project up front, typically around 10 percent of the total cost. Unlicensed roofers are notorious for asking for much larger sums up front—sometimes they’ll ask for the entire cost of roofing services. After paying an unlicensed roofer, many homeowners deal with shoddy work or worse, a roofer who takes off with the money and never even shows up for the job.
  • Written agreements: Having an agreement in writing gives you security in the event that something goes wrong. A written contract lays out the responsibilities of both parties and outlines details of the project in clear terms. If a licensed general contractor doesn’t meet their obligations as they appear in this agreement, homeowners have the ability to seek recourse. Unlicensed contractors don’t usually offer written agreements, putting homeowners at risk if anything goes wrong during the project.
  • Insurance and liability: Roofers are trained to do their work safely, but there is always some risk that comes with roofing projects. Choosing a licensed general contractor for roof repair in North Carolina gives you security in knowing that they are required by the state to hold an active insurance policy in order to provide roofing services.

Licensed general contractor for roof repair in North Carolina

If you’re looking for a licensed general contractor for roof repair in North Carolina, Carolina Improvements is the team to call. We are proud to be fully licensed and have the ability to provide comprehensive roofing services to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a roof inspection and some basic maintenance or you need to have a new roof installed, we are here to assist you. Give us a call to request a quote!

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