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At Carolina Improvements, it is our pleasure to work with clients from throughout the Greensboro area every single day to get them the upgrades they’ve been dreaming of to their windows, roofs and more. Replacing your windows is a big investment to make in your home, and we know that the price tag can cause a bit of stress, which is why we go out of our way to make the process as easy as possible for you and reassure you that you’re getting the best possible results out of your new window installation.

We are capable of working with you to customize every aspect of your window installation, from the kinds of glass and frames you use to a variety of other features that can add some practical and financial value to your windows. Here’s what you should know about our custom window replacement in Greensboro, NC:

  • Custom-made and designed windows: There are some homes that have one or more windows of a unique shape or size, where a stock window simply won’t fit. No worries—we’re capable of custom-designing and manufacturing windows that can fit just about any shape or size for your convenience.
  • Multiple glass options: There’s no need to settle for single-pane glass with your windows, especially when you consider the tangible benefits you can get for your home’s energy efficiency when using dual- and triple-pane windows. Maximize the energy efficiency in your home and don’t let any of your hot or cold air go to waste! We’re able to provide both of these types of windows.
  • Argon-filled windows: Argon-filled windows are windows that feature argon gas in the small spaces between the panes. This gas helps to create an airtight seal between your home and the outdoors, which is what helps to make windows with multiple panes so energy efficient. These argon seals will last for a long time, and can really go a long way toward cutting down on the heating and cooling bills you receive each month.
  • Various window types: Whether your windows are a custom or traditional size or shape, you can find window options in a wide variety of types. Our styles include single-hung windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, bay and picture windows, corner windows, awning windows and more. The kind of window that is best suited for your home really depends on the style you’re going for and where in the home the window is located, but you can be sure that we’ve got any style you’re looking for.
  • Mini blinds: Today’s windows can come with built-in mini blinds that can help you block out the harsh UV rays of the sun from your home, keeping you cooler on hot days and giving you some extra privacy at night.

If you’re interested in learning more about your options for custom window replacement in Greensboro, NC, we encourage you to contact the team at Carolina Improvements today to set up a consultation. Our custom replacement windows are made with virgin vinyl, have 3.25” frames, feature double-pane insulated glass and tilted sashes and come with a lifetime warranty!

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