Perma-Boots vs. Standard Boots: Some Important Roofing Tips in Greensboro, NC

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High-quality roofing goes beyond the type of shingles you use and the quality of their installation. You also need to consider the flashing and the vent pipes, including the pipe boot flashing you use.

You’ll find there are several types of pipe boot flashing you can use on your roof. Ordinary boot flashings may have some issues with durability, so it may be in your best interest to look for alternative boots that are better designed and manufactured so they can last longer without causing any issues on your roof. Just be aware that these types of alternative boot flashings can be a bit more difficult to find—you may need to special order them in advance of your job. Even specialty roofing and siding suppliers might not always have them in stock; they may only have rubber boot flashing available.

The good news is that when you want a different option, you can order them online. Expect to pay more for upgrades over the standard rubber boot flashing. Considering the durability they come with, they can be worth the expense, especially when you also take into account how long today’s roofs are lasting. One of the best roofing tips in Greensboro, NC we can offer is that you should have boots that are capable of matching the lifespan of the shingles so you can cut back on the repairs and maintenance you need to perform on your roof.

You’ll still be able to use traditional flashings, but the kind of boot you select can vary depending on your preferences. Here’s a quick look at these types of boots:

  • Perma-boots: These are our favorite! A perma-boot is made out of a high-impact TPO plastic with a base boot that comes with a pivoting cap and riser. This allows you to match many different types of roof pitches easily with the single assembly. You then slide a cap collar over the base to enclose the vent pipe. A repair version of the perma-boot has a bell-shaped base that closes around the dome of the boot flashing and lets water run away around it.
  • Bullet boots: A bullet boot is made out of a TPE plastic that is flexible and comes with some outstanding protection against ultraviolet (UV) light. You’ll find these boots in a variety of pipe diameters. They come in a single-piece assembly, with a protective screen at the top of the riser. The riser tube portion connects to the base to allow for easy adjustment to a variety of roof pitches.
  • Quarrix pipe boots: These types of boots are made out of uncoated galvanized or coated steel and come in two pieces rather than one: a top collar pipe and a base boot. You’ll find these boots available in two different roof pitch ranges, so they aren’t quite as flexible as the other types of boot options already listed above.

For more information about the various types of boots you can get for your roof and how they compare to traditional options, or to learn more about what makes perma-boots stand out from the pack, contact Carolina Improvements today. We’d be happy to provide you with more roofing tips in Greensboro, NC.

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