How to Improve Your Roofing in North Carolina

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Your home’s roof serves an essential role in protecting your home’s structure against the elements. Your roof protects your home from water damage, high winds and impacts from debris, but you need to keep up with regular service and maintenance if you want it to continue performing the way that it’s supposed to. To keep your roofing in North Carolina in the best condition possible and ensure that it continues to effectively protect your home against the elements, follow these few simple roofing tips and tricks:

  • Choose roofing that’s right for you: The first thing you need to do when you’re getting your roof installed is select the type of roofing material that’s right for your home. For example, there are a lot of benefits that come with installing shingle roofing on your home. Not only does shingle roofing look great, it is also easy to install and maintain. As long as you care for your roofing according to your roofing contractor’s recommendations, your shingles in North Carolina should last for decades.
  • Start with the right foundation: To improve the longevity and durability of your roof, it’s a good idea to install a synthetic underlayment prior to installing the shingles. This underlayment serves as a foundation for your roofing material that offers a lot of benefits, including improving the water resistance of your shingles.
  • Use plenty of nails: You should work with a roofer that uses plenty of nails to ensure the best possible outcomes from a roofing installation project. At Carolina Improvements, we always use six nails per roofing tab for the most secure installation.
  • Promote ventilation: One of the most common problems with residential roofing in North Carolina is dry rot. Dry rot occurs when roofs aren’t properly ventilated. You can prevent dry rot by installing vents in your roof so that air can circulate underneath your shingles. You can discuss your different ventilation options with the contractor who is installing your roof.
  • Keep up on inspections and maintenance: After your roof is installed, you should make sure to keep up with regular roof inspection and maintenance. The more consistent you are with inspections and roofing service, the longer your roof will last and the less likely it is that you will have to deal with large repair issues and serious roofing damage. You can request inspections and service from the same contractor who provides your roofing installation. In addition, you should visually inspect your roof on a regular basis to check for signs of damage.

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At Carolina Improvements, we know how important quality installation is to the longevity of your roofing in North Carolina. Our team of roofing technicians has extensive experience serving customers with high quality roofing services, including repairs, installation and inspections. We can also provide you with additional exterior services, including fence construction and siding improvements. You can find out more about all of the services that we provide and get a consultation and quote from our team by giving us a call today.

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