How Fences in North Carolina Can Keep Your Home Safe and Private

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A fence can be both a practical and an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property. When considering the benefits of the investment, you should be sure to think of what a fence can do for your home in terms of both safety and privacy. These are two of the biggest benefits associated with fences in North Carolina, and they will certainly come up in any real estate listing for a house with a fence.

Of course, there are some types of fences that provide these benefits better than other types. Here is some information about those benefits to consider when you’re preparing to purchase or install fencing on your property.


Everyone wants at least some level of privacy when they’re in the comfort of their own home. This is a big factor people will take into consideration when purchasing a home. It’s nice to be able to have some space on your property that feels secluded, even if you’re in the middle of a relatively dense or crowded residential area.

With regard to privacy, the issues you’ll most want to consider are the style and material of the fence, as well as its height. A chain link fence may be inexpensive, but it’s see-through and doesn’t really provide much privacy at all. Wood and vinyl fences are both preferable for the purposes of privacy, especially when tall enough and with a small enough amount of space between the boards. They require a bit more maintenance than you’d have with a chain link fence, but that’s one of the trade-offs you have to consider when you’re looking for privacy.

Safety and security

Another one of the biggest reasons people install fences on their property is to give themselves more peace of mind with regard to their safety. If you have young children or pets, a fence will ensure they’re confined to your property and prevent them from wandering out into the street or into the surrounding neighborhood, preventing serious accidents. For dogs, this also helps with the safety of other people walking through the area. A fence will prevent your dog from running out after other dogs or people who might be walking through the neighborhood, which can protect you from any liability that you might have to deal with as a result of such an incident.

There are also issues of security to consider. A fence comes in handy as a crime deterrent, especially if you have locking gates. It gives would-be criminals one more obstacle that they’d have to overcome to be able to get at your property. Considering most thefts are crimes of opportunity rather than planned out beforehand, a fence can help to encourage criminals to bypass your property and look elsewhere.

For more information about the various benefits associated with fences in North Carolina and why you should consider adding a fence if you care about your privacy or security, we encourage you to contact the team at Carolina Improvements today to discuss your options.

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