The Advantage to Having Your Driveway Poured by Expert Concrete Contractors in North Carolina

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An old, crumbling, worn out driveway can really do a number on your home’s curb appeal and overall value. While it’s true a driveway can last you for decades, it will eventually need to be replaced. And, even before replacing it there will probably be some repairs and upkeep you need to make.

Here are a few signs that you’ll need to do some work on your driveway, and why it’s so important that you work with a professional contractor for your concrete pouring in North Carolina.

  • Cracks: Cracking in your driveway is common in both concrete and asphalt surfaces. It’s especially a problem in areas that see freezing and thawing cycles with the changing of the seasons each year, as water can get down below the surface, freeze and cause cracking and potholes. Small cracks can be repaired relatively easily, but especially large, wide or deep cracks are indicative of more serious damage. If you’re having a lot of problems with some significant cracking, then it’s better to just get the driveway replaced, as the repairs would likely only last for a short time.
  • Potholes: Cracks are just aesthetic blemishes in your driveway. While they can get worse and do further damage, they’re not going to do any damage to your vehicle like a pothole can. Running over a hole in your driveway can damage your suspension system and be rough on your tires. Minor potholes, like minor cracks, can be repaired. But the more significant the problem becomes, the more likely it is you’ll need to call in a professional to pour a new concrete driveway.
  • The driveway looks rough: If your driveway is starting to look really weathered (which happens considering it’s constantly exposed to the elements), it may be time to replace it. The problem might just appear to be cosmetic at first, but it’s important to know that ultraviolet exposure can weaken a driveway as well. This is why a driveway has a limited lifespan even if you don’t have significant problems with cracks or potholes. You can try applying some sealant to protect against this exposure, and keep re-applying as needed. But if the damage has already been done, the sealant isn’t going to help you much.
  • Drainage problems: If your driveway is in good shape, water shouldn’t do much to affect it. However, if you have drainage problems, this can cause some serious damage. It’s most likely to occur in areas that are uneven or sloped. During driveway installation, it’s important to consider grading and drainage, but drainage can be affected by natural movement of the concrete during freezing and thawing cycles.

These are just a few examples of some of the signs that indicate you’re going to need to either repair or replace your driveway. For more information about the work we do on residential driveways, contact our concrete contractors in North Carolina. We’ll make sure your driveway is paved right and ready to stand up to the elements.

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