Lifetime Vent Boots Compared to Ordinary Common Vent Boots

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When it comes to your roof, you want to make sure you use quality parts and vent boots in order to protect your home from the elements and keep it insulated against temperature changes, keeping energy costs down in the process. One important part to insulate your roof against rain and moisture is the vent boot. Oftentimes, the rubber collar on a pipe boot flashing can split or become damaged, resulting in leaks and necessary roof repairs in North Carolina. However, there is a better solution! Let’s compare lifetime vent boots to ordinary vent boots.

Cost and longevity

With roofs lasting longer and longer, anywhere between 30 and 50 years, you will want to outfit your roof with a vent boot that’s going to last. Common vent boots vary between $5 and $10, while lifetime vent boots will cost from $11 to $60. To increase the longevity of your common or lifetime vent boot, you can use traditional flashings, which is a soldered lead riser pipe that cases the vent pipe and folds into it at the top. It’s then soldered to a roof flange that’s encased in the roof’s shingles. These flashings have to be custom made to match your specific roof pitch and pipe.

There are many different types of vent boots that will last longer than ordinary common vent boots:

  • Perma-boot: This boot costs between $16 and $20. It’s made of a high-impact TPO plastic and features a base boot with a pivoting cap and riser. This makes it easy to accommodate an assortment of pitches and roofs. The cap collar on the Perma-boot completely encloses the vent pipe for protection.
  • Quarrix pipe boot: This boot costs between $20 and $30, and is made from uncoated galvanized or coated steel. It includes both the base boot and the top collar pipe, and can be purchased in two pitch ranges and pipe diameters. The flashing can also be micro-adjusted for different slopes.
  • Bullet boot: This boot costs between $11 and $17, and is constructed of flexible UV-protected TPE plastic. They come in a variety of pipe diameters and colors and are made altogether in one piece with a protective screen at the top of the riser. It can also be adjusted for a variety of pitches.
  • Lifetime Tool Ultimate Pipe Flashing: This flashing is the ultimate insurance for your pipe boot, and ranges from $55 to $57. Instead of paying for costly roof repairs in North Carolina, you can outfit your roof with this super-duty pipe boot flashing. It is made with thick silicone and includes a collar to seal to the pipe. Plus, it’s circular to maintain compression and reduce damage. It can be found in a variety of sizes and even has the option of an EasySleeve collar to outfit to your existing pipe to enable it to take the Ultimate Boot Flashing.

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