What Are the Advantages of Adding a Deck to Your Home?

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Home remodeling and improvement projects are not limited to the inside of your house. In fact, many of the most beneficial improvements are made to home exteriors. Deck installation, for example, is a project that provides ample opportunity for long-term enjoyment as well as a good return on investment.

Are you interested in installing a deck at your home, but aren’t sure about how the process will work? At Carolina Improvements, our deck builders in North Carolina would be happy to provide more information about your options. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of installing a deck:

  • Increase home value: A deck offers a big boost in terms of home value. If you’re not planning to stay in your home forever but want to enjoy a deck in the meantime, you can rest easy knowing it will eventually be a feature that will attract prospective buyers. You’ll be able to raise your asking price, as the boost from deck installation is often thought to be greater than that for any other type of addition or renovation.
  • Additional square footage: Decks offer a substantial increase to the amount of usable space in a home. You can use a deck for outdoor cooking, dining, relaxation and entertaining. You can decorate with potted plants, furniture, bird feeders and anything else you desire to make the space feel like an extension of your home.
  • Improve functionality: In addition to providing more square footage, a deck offers a big boost in functionality for your outdoor space. Perhaps you’ve had a dingy-looking patio for years that has prevented you from even wanting to spend time outside. A deck offers more and better space, particularly if you like to entertain or if you have kids who like to have their friends over for playdates.
  • Boost aesthetics: You can get creative when designing your new deck! In addition to size and shape, you can also consider painting or staining the deck to match other aspects of your home’s exterior. Augment the deck itself with additional décor to complete the look.
  • Room to entertain: A deck makes a great place to host parties and entertain, particularly during the warmer months. It gives you and your guests more space to spread out, and also helps keep the inside of your home a little less cluttered and hectic. It’s also great when you feel like being spontaneous and don’t have the time or desire to get the rest of your house in order for hosting—just send everyone out to the deck!
  • Good investment: Particularly when you work with reliable deck builders in North Carolina who understand the building process and have access to high-quality materials, a deck building project can be an affordable investment that also doesn’t take a whole lot of time to complete. It’s a great home improvement project for those on a budget.

At Carolina Improvements, we offer a variety of deck options in terms of materials, designs and budgets. Reach out to us today to arrange a consultation!

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