Exciting Concrete Trends to Consider When Remodeling Your Patio in North Carolina

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Whether the centerpiece of your backyard paradise is a luxury pool, a heartwarming fire pit or a crowd-drawing barbecue pit, everyone tends to gather upon your patio. Perhaps your patio is looking a bit drab and is not creating the effect you are looking for. There has never been a better time than now to remodel your patio in North Carolina. New trends and the low costs of stamped concrete have made it an exciting time to give your backyard a makeover.

Why Stamped Concrete?

It’s no wonder why stamped concrete has quickly become so popular. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and can be carefully customized to create the precise look that you want, but stamped concrete is the most practical backyard option as well. Stamped concrete is far less expensive than wood decking and stone. The maintenance on stamped concrete is extremely low. No need for re-treating or staining!

The Natural Look

For a while, bright colors were all the rage in stamped patios. Sure, bright oranges, neon greens and bold purple patios can show off the fun possibilities with stamped concrete. But these bold colors generally fit in best in places like Florida or the Caribbean. For a down-home North Carolina patio, most designers say that bright colors are out and natural is in.

What is currently trending are concrete patios that draw their inspiration from natural materials that blend in with your current landscape and structures. The patio should complement the environment that you have already built, rather than “pop.” Stamped concrete can mimic brick, stone or wood.

Faux Bois

One of the most exciting new trends in stamped patios is the wood look. If you are having a difficult time deciding between a wooden deck and a concrete patio, you can have the best of both worlds. Stamped concrete can replicate the look of wood without the high maintenance. We absolutely love how the replicated wood creates a softer look surrounding a swimming pool in contrast to the white concrete slab. The “faux bois” also looks wonderful as a curving concrete pathway around the side of your home. The possibilities of this trend are endless!

Bigger is Better

Another trend is in increasing the size of the patterns. Small, intricate patterns are becoming old fashioned and stodgy. More designers are saying, “Go big or go home!” Larger concrete patterns that have the look of wood planks and stone slates are all the rage. The biggest of all is the seamless slab that is making a comeback. Concrete made to look like a large mid-century modern seamless slab of stone can make your backyard patio look absolutely stylish. This is the ultimate in large concrete patterns.

Mix it Up

Your concrete slab patterns and colors do not have to be uniform throughout your property. Another trend is to mix and match to create the desired effect. Using larger, natural patterns, you can create that classic look that will stand the test of time. You can also add on to your existing patio in a pattern and color that complement it. A wood pathway can lead to a stone patio. A dark stone patio can complement an adjacent lighter stone patio. The possibilities are endless.

Professional Patio Remodeling in North Carolina

If your creative juices are flowing and you are ready to upgrade your patio this season, consult with the trusted patio professionals in North Carolina at Carolina Improvements. We have been North Carolina’s premier home improvement specialists since 2006. Our design and product experts offer free in-home estimates and will see the project done from start to finish. Give us a call today to transform your patio into something amazing.

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