Important Signs That It Might Be Time for Window Replacement

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Windows serve several purposes. They beautify your house, let in sunlight and provide a view of the outside. Windows also retain the indoor air, block out outside noises and help keep power bills low. To do all these things, the windows must be in good condition.

The following are six signs that it might be time to invest in replacement windows in North Carolina:

  • Opening and closing difficulties: Most residential windows either open side to side, up and down or by swinging or popping out. No matter how your windows operate, if it has become difficult to open or close a window, or if it doesn’t open at all or very easily, they could be damaged and near total failure. If a replacement window is needed, it’s best to replace the entire window structure. You should consider the possibility that other parts of the window could be compromised, including the frame, glass, hinges and other hardware.
  • Noise getting inside: Modern day multi-pane windows are designed to insulate the inside of your house against outside noise. The acoustic insulation should keep your house fairly quiet. Too much outside noise getting into your house is a sign that the acoustic insulation in the window is damaged.
  • Drafts or air leaks: Depending on the time of year, you might feel cold or warm air leaks when you’re near a window—but you should not feel air drafts coming through windows. Drafts indicate the window is worn out. You could add new sealing and weather stripping as a temporary fix, but you need to replace the window to eliminate drafts completely.
  • Fogging or condensation buildup: Another indication of window seal failure is seeing fog or condensation buildup inside the glass between double- or triple-paned windows. The water and moisture between the glass will not evaporate like water on the outside of glass. Because it cannot dry properly, you will be left with view-obstructing condensation and calcium deposits.
  • High energy bills: Something you may not notice right away is an increase in your monthly heating and cooling bills. When windows are in good condition, they retain the treated air and keep it from escaping out the house. Windows are designed to insulate homes from the external environment, which is how energy bills stay low. So, when your bills soar, don’t rule out the possibility of damaged windows. Replace them if it turns out they are the cause of your higher-than-usual energy bills!
  • Too many problems: Like any other part of your home, windows will age and begin to show wear and tear. Older windows can also look bad and detract from curb appeal. If you notice problems with the look of your windows or that you’re constantly in need of window repair, consider replacing the old windows with new ones.

Here at Carolina Improvements, we offer a wide range of replacement windows in North Carolina. Our selection includes custom-made windows, dual- and triple-pane, argon gas-filled windows and more. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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