Benefits of New Roofing with Synthetic Underlayment

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If you’re planning on having your roof replaced this summer, then you’ll need to think about what kind of underlayment you’re going to use. The two main choices are felt underlayment and synthetic underlayment. Felt affixes a fabric to asphalt and is a cheaper option. However, you pay for what you get, and synthetic underlayment offers a variety of benefits.

The next time you’re looking for roof replacement in North Carolina, trust Carolina Improvements to deliver the best service and products. We fully endorse the use of synthetic underlayment because it’s simply the most durable and safest choice on the market:

  • Purpose of underlayment: Underlayment serves a temporary purpose as a non-slip surface for roof installers to walk on. After the installation is complete, it serves a long-term purpose by acting as a barrier protecting the roof during storms and preventing the leakage of chemicals from shingles into the roof deck. It also provides an extra layer of protection in terms of heat entering the home.
  • A higher quality material: While felt may be an adequate material to use for this purpose, synthetic underlayment comes with numerous benefits due to the higher quality of the material. It’s lighter, thinner and not as slippery. This makes installation easier and safer for everyone involved. It also can withstand the elements better and lasts longer than felt. You don’t want to replace your roof before you have to, so saving a bit of money by choosing felt now could cost you later.
  • A better product for homeowners and contractors: Because synthetic is easier to install and makes roof installation safer, many contractors prefer to use this material. It also doesn’t weigh down the roof as much, and provides better protection in very hot weather and during storms. Synthetic underlayment is also much less prone to cracking, rotting or buckling than its felt counterpart. All this means homeowners can rest easy when they choose synthetic underlayment.

No matter which option you choose, it’s always important to have a quality installation. This is the best choice for both your home and your family’s safety. Going with the lowest bidder might seem like a savvy move at the time, but this could come back to bite you later. Hiring a local company with years of experience in the field is a smart idea.

If your home needs roof replacement in North Carolina, then you’ve come to the right spot. Since 2006, Carolina Improvements has offered dependable, durable, high-quality home improvements. Our wide range of interior and exterior remodeling service is second to none. We’ve also forged a reputation as the premier roofing company in the state. Carolina Improvements is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, attaining an A+ rating.

We’re the one-stop shop in North Carolina for all your home improvement needs, from roofing to new windows, custom decks, siding installations and more. Our fully licensed and insured team brings considerable technical expertise, no matter the job. For a free in-home estimate, please get in touch with us today!

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