Pros and Cons of Different Styles of Windows in North Carolina

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No matter where you live, windows are an integral part of your home. Not only do they let in sunlight, fresh air and views of the outside, but they also can help insulate your home and add decorative finishes. If your windows are broken or old and worn down, it’s important to replace them for security purposes and curb appeal.

Many homeowners don’t realize that there are many different types of windows to install in their homes, from single hung to awning. These different window styles allow varying levels of ventilation, views and insulation. If you’re interested in replacing your home’s windows in North Carolina, here are just a few of the many window types available to you.

Single or double hung

Two of the most common types of windows in homes across the country are single or double hung windows. Both window types comprise two window sashes that move vertically.

In a single hung window, the top sash is fixed and the bottom sash is able to slide up and down. Single hung windows are often the least expensive type of window on the market and provide homeowners with a simple, easy-to-use design.

Single hung windows don’t protrude from the home, making them great near patios or porches, and offer better insulation because only one section of window needs to be closed. However, these windows don’t provide as much ventilation and they can be difficult to clean because only one portion opens.

Double hung windows are almost exactly the same as single hung windows, except both sashes can move up and down. While these windows provide more flexibility and ventilation options, they are also more expensive because of the added complexity.


Casement windows are hinged on one side or operate with a crank to open the windows toward the outside from a single side. These windows are comparable in price to single and double hung windows on the low end of the pricing scale.

These windows are great for taking advantage of breezes and offering ventilation because of the increased space. They are also very easy to clean. However, since casement windows swing open, they are not good when placed near high-traffic areas like porches or patios, nor are they very secure.


Sliding windows open horizontally, with one pane sliding over the one next to it, as if a double hung window was installed sideways. Sliding windows are good for short walls because they take up less vertical space and are simple in their design and maintenance, while also being moderate in price. Additionally, sliding windows are less energy efficient than other types of windows because the seals are not as tight.


Picture windows are made of large, single panes of glass. These windows don’t open, but are great for letting in sunlight and providing uninterrupted views of scenery. They can also help open up a small space.

Picture windows are usually more affordable than double hung windows because there are no moving parts, but they lack the ability to open and provide ventilation.

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