How Gutter Systems in North Carolina Can Benefit from Leaf Guards

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Cleaning the leaves and stubborn debris out of your gutters is not an easy job. On top of being a difficult task that is unpleasant at best, it can also become very dangerous for homeowners at its worst. There is a solution for homeowners that can help to eliminate this unwelcome chore, though. If you want to make sure your home remains protected and not have to worry about cleaning out your gutters ever again, consider what the addition of leaf guards to your gutter system in North Carolina can do for you.

How leaf guards work

Utilizing a curved hood, leaf guards serve as a protective barrier against debris, leaves and anything else that has the ability to clog and create problems for your gutter system. This design also helps prevent rainwater from pooling and subsequently leaking into your home—where it can wreak havoc on the foundation and all of your possessions—by diverting the flow down and away from your house.

Keep your home protected

In addition to keeping your gutters clear and free, the benefits of leaf guard protection can extend to many areas of your home. For example, without a complete protection system in place for your gutters, water can find a way into your home, causing potential flooding in basements or crawl spaces. Too much of this excess water has the capacity to cause major damage, and can lead to the growth of mold, or destroyed walls and carpeting. The majority of this damage happens after a heavy rainstorm when the gutters have not been cleaned out and leaves and debris clog the system, but it’s preventable with a good leaf guard system in place.

Unattended gutters can also attract insects, rodents and other undesirable pests towards your home. If your gutter is filled with seeds, weeds and other plant life that these troublemakers feast on, your gutter might turn in to a trough that is feeding the neighborhood pests, which is an uncomfortable situation that no homeowner wants to deal with.

Safety first

Not only do leaf guards protect your home, but they can protect your personal safety and health as well. Ladder falls while working on DIY home projects is one of the leading causes of home accidents each year. With the addition of leaf guards, you won’t have to worry about climbing a ladder to clean out your gutters and risking injury, and you won’t have to pay someone to do it for you either.

Here at Carolina Improvements, our goal is to make your home as beautiful and efficient as possible, and adding leaf guards to gutter systems in North Carolina is a great way to do just that. We recommend Protech’s LeafGuard Gutters as a quality option, and would love to tell you more about this high quality product from one of our industry’s most trusted brands. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to learn more about adding leaf guards to your gutters, and put the dreaded task of gutter cleaning behind you for good.

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