Six Signs That It’s Time for Roof Repairs

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Even though they’re sturdy and can last for many years, roofs can’t go forever without needing repairs. Unless you’re in the roofing industry, knowing for sure when you need roof repairs can be challenging. If it’s been a while since a contractor took a look at your roof, you may want to do a quick visual inspection by yourself to determine whether it may be time for repairs. Follow this guide to help yourself out:

  • Broken shingles:
    Go outside and look up at your roof. Do you see any broken or missing shingles? Let’s hope not! Visibly broken shingles are the number one sign that you need to have your roof repaired as soon as possible. The longer your shingles are damaged, the higher the chance that moisture will penetrate your roof and cause major troubles throughout your home.
  • Clogged or damaged gutters:
    Your gutters play a crucial role in ensuring your roof and home are both healthy. Without gutters, rainwater will pool up at the base of your home and cause problems in your basement or crawlspace. If your gutters are constantly clogged up, or if they’re broken and falling down, you may need to have your roof repaired sooner rather than later. Get up on your roof and clean out your gutters on a regular basis, and always double check that they’re working the way they’re supposed to!
  • Sagging:
    Your roof might need repairs even though your shingles look fine. If you notice that any portion of your roof is sagging down, it’s a good idea to give the pros a call for roof repairs. That sagging has to do with some sort of structural damage that needs to be repaired by an expert.
  • Algae growth:
    Over time, algae, mold and mildew can start to grow on your roof. That doesn’t just look bad—it’s a sign that your roof has a serious moisture issue. A professional roofing contractor can inspect your roof to determine the root of the problem and get it taken care of in no time.
  • Interior moisture or leaks:
    If you notice moisture or wet spots after a storm, particularly in your attic, you need to call us for roof repairs. Leaks are a sign that your roof is failing. That problem will only get worse the longer you wait.
  • Call for an inspection:
    When you get down to it, calling a contractor to inspect your roof is the easiest way to know whether or not you need repairs. A contractor can quickly identify any weak spots on your roof and repair them efficiently and effectively.

Should you replace your roof?

Sometimes, repairs aren’t enough when it comes to your roof. After a while, it can be beneficial to go ahead and replace your roof altogether. If your roof is really old, or if repairs need to be made across the whole roof, replacement might be a better option. Talk to a professional to get his or her recommendation regarding repairs or total replacement.

Whether you need roof repairs or total roof replacement, give Carolina Improvements a call! Our professionals have years of experience in the roofing industry, and we even offer free estimates for our services.

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